What’s up everybody, my names Ryan Milledge and well… I’m a photographer and cinematographer.

Long story short, I’ve always been into anything with wheels attached to it and what better way to enjoy something that create media for the people who also love those same things!

I love shooting car shows as well as creating content for my YouTube channel, I dabble in the occasional family/portrait session as well… truth be told..I just love taking pictures and helping to capture memories for people and the things/people they love!

Hey people, My names Wayne. I’m the odd one in the group and have an eye for the non standard and see things that most people do not.

I am more on the photography side than the video side. I started taking pictures when I was younger, a few years ago I really found my love in taking photographs. My love for the automotive world has really made my photography blossom.

So many emotions can be captured with in a photo.